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Hey look! I remembered to go to Dreamwidth to post this. Heh. Old habits really die hard; I almost always have a Livejournal tab open, so it's much easier to update there when I've forgotten to reopen a Dreamwidth tab.

Anyway. This is an important post - I could really use advice if there's any to be had.

Last night I was struck with the fact that, while everything else is too complex/random to recreate exactly, the elf ear tips/cuffs are relatively easy to reproduce. I can make infinite copies of almost exactly the same thing, with variations only when I'm bored (which is often, I'll admit, but we'll ignore that for now). Therefore, it seems reasonable to believe that I could make a whole hell of a lot of them and sell them through the Pyramid Collection. I called their customer service line (let's hear it for 24/7 phone lines!), and got the url for their buyer's group. I'm supposed to snail mail them pictures and a wholesale price list and then wait to see if they like it. I am reaching higher and higher, and apparently this is the year I've gotten truly tenacious about putting my name and my jewelry out there.

My worry: because I doubt I'd be able to realistically manage more than five-ish pairs per day (call it 150/month), I'm afraid that if their demand exceeds my output, they'll outsource my design to someone who can make it faster and cheaper. I mean, sure, I'll get faster with practice, and if I can set aside eight hours a day to just *work*, I might be able to reach an output I can't even imagine right now. But I don't want to promise anyone that, and right now it's a stretch to say that I could even do five per day, since currently I tend to only have time to make one or two.

Of course this is a worry anyway. This design is hardly unique, it's just better than what I've seen out there yet, and it's made of precious metal instead of stainless steel or craft wire. But if I submit this to Pyramid Collection or any other catalog, how realistic is the fear that they'll take the design and push me out of the production? Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? And actually, if you do, I might want to talk to you privately about pricing, because I have no idea what a reasonable wholesale price is for this kind of thing.
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