Jun. 10th, 2011

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So...I made a new necklace recently using pearl knotting (because I wanted an example of my skill handy to show that I'd probably be teaching good technique, or something). I brought it to the store out in Dickson and decided to take out a pair of earrings that was on the higher end of the price spectrum (a $78 pair of earrings seems less likely to sell than a $78 necklace). Yesterday I realized that there was a weird gap in my visual memory of the display...where was my Cosmic Moon necklace? The one I made with the last big piece of that stone I got in a gift shop on the side of Mount Vesuvius? The one the store owner had specifically requested? I sent her a text message and she said she couldn't remember ever seeing it, but would check in the morning.

I asked her in the morning, and she eventually responded with a phone call - she had pulled out the inventory list and that one didn't happen to be on it (I was stupid, I know, I should have added it to the list when I brought it in). It definitely wasn't in the display. No record of a sale. She told me over the phone that they'd pay for it, treating it like a sale, but that I should probably get insurance because they're not responsible for stolen merchandise (that's in the contract I signed, so eh). I at first intended to go there right the hell now and take everything out, but her willingness to cover it despite not technically being obligated to...well, it (plus Scott talking me down) changed my plan to just going in and making sure that the inventory was completely current and on paper and in one place. Then I took a picture of the new inventory sheet.

Next week I'm supposed to be teaching a beading class there, assuming anyone shows this time. We didn't talk about the incident at all when I went there, and she didn't give me any money. I'm going to look at my contract again to see when I'm supposed to expect payment each month, but I wonder - I didn't get anything in writing; is she going to remember that she offered to pay for the necklace? After a lot of prodding her memory and showing her a picture of the necklace she had asked for initially (which was sold, but the one I brought in mirrors it), she said that she remembered me bringing it in to show her, but that she doesn't remember me leaving it, and there was no gap in the display. Which, and I couldn't exactly tell her that my memories were coming back in pieces, was true - because a necklace that had been either loose or on another display had been placed on the display that I'd used for the missing necklace.

I don't trust her at all right now. I'm still not sure I did the right thing in leaving the rest of my work there. I'm taking this far more personally than I probably should, especially considering the fact that she *is* (in theory) planning to pay me for it, so Scott is telling me I should probably just think of it as a straight-up sale. This is reasonable. But. I just. The things I make are part of me - it feels a bit like someone just came up to me with a pair of scissors and snipped off some of my hair, or something equally invasive and personal-space-violating. I'm happy to sell or give away, but it's pretty clear that this was theft of some kind, and there's such a difference in how I feel about it regardless of whether or not I'm paid.


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