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I had a rather scary incident last week. Basically, I'd had what seemed to be a normal period about 2.5 weeks prior, which may have been the first normal period since Elizabeth's birth, actually. It was a little heavier, a little more painful, but totally not a big deal (I realize how lucky I am here). Then this freak of nature, involving soaking through two pads per hour and several clots. I hadn't seen this kind of bleeding since the miscarriage right before E's conception. No pain, just more blood than I've seen in a long time. I eventually got nauseated and really tired, and made Scott come home from work in case I passed out. Planned Parenthood was closed, so I took one of my leftover prenatal vitamins, had some iron-heavy food and hunkered down for the night. Made an appointment in the morning but the bleeding had slowed by then to a normal-heavy flow, and they were fairly sure it was fine, but they wanted me to make an appointment in case my body was trying to expel the IUD. So my appointment was today, and they checked on everything and everything was fine. Then the NP suggested that I get my thyroid checked out if it happened again, then said "do you want to get that sent off today? It's only $20" - which felt better than waiting, so I did. What I didn't realize was that the constant exhaustion could be a symptom of thyroid issues, and maybe even the moodiness. God. I thought I just needed time alone, but maybe it's something else.

So now I'm wondering - what would I be like if I got the ADD under control and weren't constantly tired? Would I be a nicer person or just more productive, or would I still feel overwhelmed and crazy? Hmmm.
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