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Because honestly, life *is* good, and I *am* making progress in directions that make me happy:

- A store out in Dickson actually contacted me through Etsy, asking if I would like to place my work there. I'm renting a "booth" (part of a multi-tiered shelf) for $25/month, and I have to mark up my prices about 20-25% for their particular flavor of consignment. Made my first sale two days ago, half of which is paying for next month.

- That same store wants me to teach jewelry making classes, especially wire work. After dithering about it and going back and forth for a while, we've decided that I'll teach braiding techniques, cab setting (for which I'll need to find that booklet I bought last year, since my particular methods are not "traditional"), and beaded chains. Timeline TBD. In the meantime, this Thursday, I'm teaching a basic beading class.

- Also: pearl knotting! I'm still pleased that I came up with that one. People can bring in their broken pearl necklaces and learn how to repair them, bring in their own strand of pearls to be strung with their own clasp, or they can buy a kit from me containing a strand of pearls and a clasp. Considering how much I earned doing it vs how much jewelry stores charge, it would be vastly cheaper for people to learn to do it themselves. Also it would be very satisfying to do it again, especially since I made zero progress on my plans to start doing it professionally and independently while on maternity leave.

- Another store, this one up in Boston, responded to my email saying "we're full up right now, but please contact us again when you're going to be in the area!". This is heartening!

- I'm also looking at getting back into modeling, maybe. To be totally honest, in the traditional world of modeling, I'm getting old (26 on Wednesday). I may have missed that boat, and that's okay. But since leaving Florida, my appearance is apparently remarkable, and I liked the way I felt knowing that there were high-quality, flattering pictures of me out there (well, er, along with the high-quality, totally ludicrous pictures of me in fake bondage). This is totally not a bid for (more) compliments; I'm just really happy with the way I look right now, and with the largely non-threatening attention I'm getting around here. I'd like to capture that feeling.

- The weather is getting gorgeous. Really amazingly beautiful.

(I should start tagging entries again. "Good moods by force of will", indeed. Maybe I can clean up my workspace today, too.)
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